Room prices

Single-room: from 80 Euro/night

Double-room: from 110 Euro/night

Two-bed-room: from 110 Euro/night

Three-bed-room: from 165 Euro/night

Breakfast included. All rooms are equipped with bathroom and TV. Another bed/room is possible.

For free: All children younger than six years won´t be charged, if they stay in one of the given beds. All children younger than 2 years won´t be charged for a baby bed.

All children between 6 and 13 years get charged 25 Euro per night for one extra bed.In every room is enough space for an extra bed.

Free internet access in the pension (per wire or per Wlan).

Mode of payment

Cash or Bank transfer in advance.

Bank details

International BIC: GENODEF1FSR

International Bank account : DE59701696140000047597

You are welcome to make your reservation request by phone at +49 (0) 8161 / 53 84 40 or via our reservation form.